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Kontorfællesskab til leje i København S

10 - 40 m2 kontorfællesskab i København S til leje

Coworking til leje, Islands Brygge

Office seats for rent in the heart of Islands Brygge!

Located in the heart of Islands Brygge, the 150 sqm office boasts New Yorker style interior design, with large industrial windows, 4 meters to the ceiling and plenty designer furniture. The premises has standing desks for four persons each, fiber internet, meeting room seating four people, kitchen with a professional coffee machine, bathroom with shower, washing machine and dryer. Plus, a huge sunny roof top terrace!

For rent:

We are renting out 1-4 seats in total (1 table, with possibility to add more smaller desks if needed) as there is much more space than we need currently. We can be flexible regarding length of the contract.

Who we rent out to:

The most important thing for us is that you are pleasant people – and know how to be part of an office community.